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This Old Bridge

By 27th June 2017January 16th, 2018No Comments

Separated from the here and now. A river of thoughts tears me in two. Lost somewhere between yesterday and now. The anxiety for tomorrow blocks the beauty of here – right now.

Yet my breath provides the bridge to link my body to this head. This solid ground beneath my feet I slowly feel … a window to my soul.

And slowly I’m lift out of the undercurrent of my river. This bridge, this breath, this vantage point, I feel able to stop reacting.

At last I feel a sense of being fully present. Not shattered, not separated, that sense of being in touch with what is present.

I watch each moment as a whole. Its touch, its smell, its taste, its sound, it’s raw emotions. I watch the good, the bad, the ugly and the beauty. I watch without grasping. I watch without aversion. I watch without the labels of my conditioning.

And then I see the choice. I feel what’s right and respond with heart as well as mind. Then I pause again to be open, to the next unfolding moment. And my life slows down and I can hear the grass is growing. In bare feet I can feel my body holding the experience of this moment – your love, your sorrow, your greatest wish to be happy and present also.
This old bridge, this gift to being present in my life. So easily forgotten, so easily dismissed, but always ready to save me from myself.