Self-Care for Living and Working

Isolated, empty, exhausted, sad, anxious, prone to emotional outbursts, apathy, and constantly thinking … Is this how you are feeling? Is this how your staff are feeling?

If you identify with a number of these statements, then you or your staff maybe experiencing exhaustion, fatigue or burnout.

Yet sadly ‘self-care’ can be often said, rarely understood and never practiced.

We provide workshops for private, public and third sector organisation staff to learn techniques and attitudes to enable skilful reflection, self-regulation, self-care planning and connection. Participants are encouraged to identify personal strengths and ways of being that promote soothing, nourishing and self-mastery as an alternative to depleting working and living choices.

Providing the space in our busy lives to discover how rest, restore and replenish

So that we can live lives with space, grace, purpose and meaning.

Read a recent evaluation by Home Start staff of the Self-Care for Living and Work course here

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I highly recommend the workshop to anyone, even when you do not feel stressed or are not experiencing burnout or compassion fatigue. The workshop teaches so many different tools and addresses a number of points: from how our brain works, the value of self-awareness about what nourishes and depletes us, boundaries and self-care. The drop-in sessions were so important as it allowed a week breathing space between each new topic, so given space and time to think, reflect and work on our self-care plan. They were also valuable in that they were a safe space to talk with peers, listen to each other and often realise we are all experiencing similar things; that we are not alone and that what we feel is normal and nothing to be ashamed of

Participant 2021

I have developed an increased self-awareness about what I need to do to stay well. I have learned what I have difficulty with, what causes my stress levels to rise, and have learned the value of a self-care plan.

Participant 2021

While aware of generally how to take better care of myself, the 7 pillars of self-care was really useful to have it broken down and to consider each within its own right.

Participant 2021

To have time away from work in a supportive and “safe” space to reflect amongst people who may be experiencing similar challenges. Realising that burn out is a possibility and not just me being weak and useless. Although I’ve done a lot of mindfulness and CBT its always useful to have new ideas and look at things from different angles. The self-care grid was a new way of looking at things and that was useful

Participant 2021

I have developed an increased self-awareness about what I need to do to stay well. I have learned what I have difficulty with, what causes my stress levels to rise, and have learned the value of a self-care plan

Participant 2021

Just to say thanks to Bill: he was calm and calming, knowledgeable, encouraging and encouraged us to think and consider – I really enjoyed the sessions

Participant 2021

Bill, I found this workshop helpful as I do believe taking care of yourself is key to helping others. It makes me happy to see Home-Start recognises emotional intelligence is Key to building healthy supportive work environments.

Participant 2021

Staff Health and Well Being

Many employers are looking for ways to support the health and well-being of staff. Understandably stress and anxiety are particularly high amongst staff in the public, private and third sector due to the demands of working and living. For example, often working from home means long days seated in front of a computer screen and little respite from family or the four walls of the living space.


I have been delivering a series of weekly drop-in session via Zoom for staff in schools and St. Andrews University, but also at Home-Start, Scotland and NHS and Social Care, Fife. Over the last three years I have also been providing training to Police Scotland and the Scottish Ambulance Service.


The drop-in sessions have been between 45 – 60 minutes long. The aim of these sessions is to provide staff with an opportunity to experience a break from the pressures of work and the stress of living. Specifically, Be Mindful Fife integrates energy movement with body and breath meditation practices. This is to encourage participants to shift the focus of their attention away from cognitive processing, and towards an awareness of being present in the body with kindness.


Each of the practices are delivered with no expectation that the participants have prior knowledge or understanding of mindfulness training, but also to meet the needs of those that do. In doing so, the intended outcomes are for participants to leave sessions mentally and physically refreshed. Secondly, participants are equipped with techniques and strategies for self-managing their health and well-being.


Evaluations of participants experience have been exceptionally positive. See a sample of comment below. So much so that contracts have been renewed to support the health and well being of staff. Employers have also purchased the eight weeks Mindfulness Based Living Course to support staff (this is a recognised mindfulness course by British Association of Mindfulness Based Approaches. For queries regarding the quality of my teaching or the impact of these drop-in sessions, reference and contact details can be supplied on request. A single taster session can be supplied for a small fee to determine whether this is right for your staff.


Bloc of Eight Sessions

This cost includes eight 45-minute sessions over eight consecutive weeks integrating energy, movement and body and breath meditation practices. My professional Zoom licence allows me to hold sessions for up to 100 participants.  At the end of the eight weeks, a short report on the number of participants that attended each session and the comments collected will be submitted by Be Mindful Fife. All comments are collected via the chat box on Zoom, but an independent evaluation form can be used if preferred.

These sessions have enabled me to find a different sense of being. They are simultaneously relaxing and energising

That was great – peace, calm and I could hear the silence.

Felt looser in my shoulders, more awake posture, calm and peaceful, thank you.

The sessions are lovely. So accessible and simple. It is a lovely guided practice - much easier and more enjoyable than doing it on my own. The timetabled sessions make me take time out of my busy day to actually do it.

Bill’s voice is gentle and encouraging too. Very relaxing and beneficial for body, mind and mood.

The timetabled sessions make me take time out of my busy day to actually do it.

Fife’s Mindful Paramedics

Young People and Adult Groups

Over the years I have been invited to work with a number of groups of young people and adults that have had difficult, if not traumatic experiences.

This normally leads to emotional outbursts, depression, isolation, self-harming, chaotic life-styles, anti-social behaviour, unemployment, addiction and homelessness.

It is heart breaking to see this happen to so many young people. I’m inspired to offer my expertise.

Since 2021 I have been working regularly outdoors with groups of young people and adults aged 16+ at Trust in Fife. I’m also working with a group outdoors on the Falkland Estate.

I’ve taken time to develop a programme to help these young people and adults develop self-awareness, self-regulation and self-care.

The sessions are designed to create a trauma informed safe place for participants to develop connection and kindness to themselves and others.

If you are working with such a group and would like my input please contact me