About Be Mindful Fife

Be Mindful Fife is a very successful business providing health and well-being training courses/workshops and 1-2-1 coaching in the public, private and third sector of Scotland, such as Home Start, Fife Education, Fife Cultural Trust, NHS and Social Care staff, Scottish Ambulance Service, Police, St. Andrew University, Edinburgh University, and UK military veterans to name a few. The aim is to provide individuals and organisations with the education and practical resources to promote positive health and well-being and maintaining good mental health.

Unfortunately, self-care is often said, occasionally understood and rarely practiced. Yet the stress and anxiety that many people experience in living and working could be better managed by establishing a personal self-care plan. That is why we have created workshops and courses on developing self-care. This can take the form of a preventative framework for maintaining existing positive health and well-being and good mental health. It can also empower those that need to manage change, stress, anxiety, depression, compassion fatigue and burnout etc. The aim of all our work is to enable participants to live fully and realise potential. 

Working with CAMHS, 2016-17 Bill (founder of Be Mindful Fife) was instrumental in creating and managing a Fife wide mindfulness programme for teachers, parents, and school children for Fife Education (Our Minds Matter). Working with five different mindfulness teaching organisations from Scotland, Be Mindful Fife played a key role in the co-creation of Mindful Nation Scotland and its launch in the Scottish Parliament in September 2019. Since 2019 Be Mindful Fife has also been a consultant writing content and offering insight for the development of mental health App for young people with Voxio (funded by Scottish Government and NHS Scotland).

Project Manager/Trainer: A little bit about Bill

Dr Bill Paterson’s (PhD Philosophy) career illustrates a commitment to work with people of all ages and ability so that they might realise their unique potential. His breadth and depth of experience have taught him the simplicity and complexity of the human condition. This has enabled Bill to develop an approach to working and living that is based on compassion, integrity, simplicity and grace. It is because he embodies this approach, evaluations of his work consistently express that he is both empowering and inspiring.


Bill has been practicing mindfulness and compassion for over 10 years, and teaching mindfulness for over 7 years. He has worked at the front line of mental health, sharing Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Low-Intensity CBT, Solution Focused Therapy and Employability with adults with anxiety and depression. This included a two-year secondment to NHS Fife’s, Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS). He is recognised as a qualified mindfulness teacher by both the Mindfulness Association and the professional body for the UK’s mindfulness teachers – British Association of Mindfulness Based Approaches (BAMBA).

Why I love what I do

Bill loves people. Family, friends and human interaction have always been important to him. His career path is unorthodox, and it enabled Bill to experience working with young and old from nearly every walk of life.

Bill grew up in Fife. Health and well-being or good mental health were never really talked about as he grew up. He had no knowledge of the interplay or difference between thinking, emotions, physical sensation and behaviour; never mind how to manage them. Yet knowing these things can make the difference between being at the mercy of them (out of control), and learning to working with them (self-care/self-management). For Bill it has been a long road learning to practice the techniques and attitudes that enable the self-awareness, understanding and compassion necessary for self-care. It has been a worthwhile journey for him, as he is more able to be authentic and in doing so be open to living more freely and wholly.  This is something he is passionate about sharing with others.

As a consequence, Bill created Be Mindful Fife to teach individuals and groups different techniques and attitudes that are proven to alleviate suffering and empower people to experience positive health and well-being and good mental health. He firmly believes that these techniques and attitudes provide the framework to realising potential and living a life with meaning.


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