About Be Mindful Fife

We provide mindfulness and resilience training to all ages throughout Scotland. Drawn from diverse careers and professional backgrounds, we are trained to the highest level. Quality assurance is ensured by all facilitators completing the necessary modules and retreats required for the Mindfulness Teacher Training pathway with the Mindfulness Association. This teacher training pathway is recognised and validated by the UK National Listing of Mindfulness Teachers. A number of us have also completed the .b from the Mindfulness in Schools Project for teaching mindfulness to young people aged 11-18 yrs-old. To meet these very high standards each of us at Be Mindful Fife is supported via regular supervision from NHS professionals and/or the Mindfulness Association.

For the cynics, those genuinely interested in the evidence base for delivering mindfulness and those interested in the evolution of the UK Network of Mindfulness Teachers – research base

Project Manager/Trainer: A little bit about Bill

Dr Bill Paterson’s (PhD Philosophy) career illustrates a commitment to work with people of all ages and ability so that they might realise their unique potential. His breadth and depth of experience have taught him the simplicity and complexity of the human condition. This has enabled Bill to develop an approach to working and living that is based on compassion, integrity, simplicity and grace. It is because he embodies this approach, evaluations of his work consistently express that he is both empowering and inspiring. For example, Bill has created and delivered specialized courses to audiences with diverse abilities (young people, undergraduate/ postgraduate students, police officers, senior military officers, paramedics and people with mental health conditions). He has three years’ experience of working at the front line of mental health in Fife; teaching Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy; Mindfulness Based Living Course; Compassion Based Living Course and .b for young people (11-18 year old). Subsequently, between 2016-17 he spent 18 months on secondment to CAMHS, and continues to work with LAAC.

Bill is a recognised and registered mindfulness teacher for MBLC with the UK National Listing of Mindfulness Teachers.

Why I love what I do

Bill loves people. Family, friends and human interaction have always been important to him. His career path is unique, and it enabled Bill to experience working with young and old from nearly every walk of life. Inspired by the questions (why do we live like this?) he became a mature student at university where reading Antonio Gramsci and Eric Fromm caused him see himself and the human condition in a new way. Not least his realization that all human beings have significant and multiple potentials but our conditioning and life circumstance often prevent us from seeing and feeling capable of realizing this potentiality. Bill concurs with Fromm that being able to realize our potential requires us also to open ourselves. To be open is to get beyond the identity and potential we have been conditioned to see. Studying with the Mindfulness Association for many years confirmed that to see ourselves as we really are requires courage, and learning to practice mindfulness and self-compassion. Seven years of study, practice and teaching mindfulness has enabled Bill to not only realise more of his own potential and compassion, but to help others do the same.


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