1-To-1 Coaching

Sometime when we are feeling a bit lost or when anxiety and depression visit us it can be difficult to find peace of mind.

Due to this we provide one-to-one coaching for adults face-2-face and via Zoom.

The sheer volume of information and complexity in todays workplace can undermine our ability to articulate clearly what needs to be said and confidently lead.

Whether it is a job interview, a new/existing project or just feeling stuck; 1-to-1 coaching can help to bring the clarity you need.

Without doubt, having the full attention of an experienced, empathetic, warm, and non-judgemental coach can give a new perspective and develop insight.

All have found 1-2-1 sessions really helpful in enabling them to see themselves and their life in a new way.


Question: What have you learned from the sessions?

"This has been life changing"
"Bill has helped me to go from hardly being able to leave the house to now starting back in a busy work environment"

Young Woman February 2022

” To learn to feel safe within myself. To learn to look after myself and to accept myself with all the emotions that come with this. To know that I can keep myself feeling safe! That it is not about fixing myself or getting there but about listening to my emotions (instead of pushing them down/ making them stronger). Knowing that I have a choice, I am not at the mercy of my thoughts, urges, fears etc. That it is about celebrating when I notice realisations and observations about patterns, the way my mind influences my choices. That it is about meeting myself with gentleness, kindness and understanding"

Young WomanAugust 2021

"I learned that I can look after myself and experience love and acceptance. I don’t need to cling to others, perform for others or please others to have these needs met. Others have commented on how much more I look into the world with positivity and possibility. I am excited about meeting life".

Young Woman2021

” I would highly recommend one-2-one sessions with Bill … At school it has made me feel more relaxed, less stressed, with my family it has made me feel less worried,”

Young PersonAugust 2020

“This course has made life calmer and clearer … Less stressed out/not angry/but kinder/less emotional all the time I can appreciate things and enjoy each moment I am in”

Young person2020

“Bill taught me more than I thought I was ever capable of achieving […]

"I have been more open with my family and friends and found it easier to speak to them about my feelings and thoughts”.

I have learnt to believe in myself more and not to put myself down like I have so much in the past […]

“I honestly can’t thank you enough for the help and support that you have provided during the mindfulness course. I was a little pessimistic at the beginning to be honest. However, I can honestly say that out of everything that I have tried over the years this course has been the first thing that I have genuinely felt has made a difference and can physically feel a benefit from. I will continue to use the exercises and techniques learnt and I hope to continue to feel the benefit of it”

Young WomanDec 2017

“I learned that it is ok to feel the way that I am feeling, I don’t need to try and analyse it or find a reason as to why I am feeling that way. I can just acknowledge the feeling and move on. The feeling does not define me or make me who I am … Bill was compassionate, empathetic, warm, open all the things required to put me at ease in order to fully open up and participate in the course in order to make it beneficial to me”

“That I need not be slave to my emotions. That I am capable of controlling my feelings through a heightened understanding of them.
Bill has been a mentor and a friend who had enabled me to take charge of my life and my feelings and I can’t thank him enough”.

Young ManAged 22, August 2020

I would like to thank you for everything , I now feel a better person and my mind is a lot more peaceful than it was at the start of the sessions I hope to use everything that you have taught me and make good use of it for the future (55 year old male 2021)

These 1-2-1 meetings are held at the Fire Station Creative or via a socially distanced walk and chat in Pittencrieff Park 

1-2-1 also available via Zoom

Please contact us for more details