On-Line Six week mindfulness course

Via Zoom

Autumn 2020

7.00 – 8.15 pm


Six week mindfulness course 
Autumn 2020
Cost £80.00

Over the six weeks participants will learn the key principles of mindfulness from a very experienced teacher. Each week you will be introduced to a new technique and attitude within a group context, such as working with the unsettled mind, settling the mind, the mind and body integration, distraction, allowing and letting do, movement and kindness .
There will be an opportunity for discussions of the experience of each new technique and attitude, but participation in these discussions is invited not demanded.


To book a place on the course you only have to make payment. The sessions would be reduced to 1hr 15 minutes. The cost would be £80.00 for the whole course.

To book a place on the course you only have to make payment. I’m happy for a £40.00 payment to be made to reserve a place, and then to pay the full amount (£80.00) before the course starts.

There are four places for individuals experiencing unemployment/financial hardship at £40.00. In these cases I am happy to accept a £10.00 payment to secure a place on the course.

Maximum number of 10 participants

Autumn 2020 Website: https://www.bemindfulfife.co.uk/

All correspondence via bill@bemindfulfife.co.uk

About Be Mindful Fife

Selection of Participants Evaluations of MBLC

What, if anything, was the most important thing you learned?

“Being able to separate myself from my thoughts, recognising that all people what to be free from suffering … to balance acts of kindness to others with kindness to myself”

“understanding why my mind races, how to not let it take over and how to put this into practice in everyday situations”

“Being able to put space between myself and my emotions. It helped me not to be in the middle of situations but to observe them”

“to spend more time on myself: to occasionally stop”

“identifying stress and taking time out to chill”

“my mind is too busy and it has been very beneficial to realise this and to start working towards doing something about it”

How, if anything, has the course impacted on your life?

“At work I’m trying to be present, slow my pace, do fewer things well and achieve more. At home I’m much more present and kind with my family. With friends I am more patient and kind.”

“I have used mindfulness to help interact with my children. It has helped me to understand situations from their point of view … more understanding”

“taking more time to listen and engage”

“I realise others can be going through what I am/was. It has made me more empathetic. I also am much calmer which impacts on everything”


Advanced Mindfulness:

Compassionate Based Living Course (CBLC)

Starts 26 October – 14 December 2020

Delivered via Zoom

“What is next?” … “What do I do now?

These are the most common questions I am asked after a teaching a mindfulness course. My answer is the Compassionate Based Living Course (CBLC) is the next step in any mindfulness journey.

Without doubt, I would say the CBLC is the most important class I have completed in my eight years of mindfulness training. It provides the key practices and attitudes that I return to again and again. The reason I do this may resonate with other mindfulness practitioners

During introductory mindfulness courses we often start to learn how to be consciously aware of what is happening, as it is happening without judgement or preference. Whilst kindness is introduced or inferred during MBCT, MBSR and MBLC; Some of us experience difficulty meeting what comes into our awareness (suffering or joy) with kindness and acceptance.

In this course we begin to explore what gets in the way of being with our experiences. Here compassion is explicitly introduced as the central attitude for meeting our experience, such that mindfulness (consciously aware of what is happening, as it is happening) is married to compassion. Practicing these together can enable us to live a more fuller and liberated life.

As Tara Brach (2012) points out Mindfulness and Compassion are

as interdependent as the two wings of a great bird.

Together they enable us to fly and be free.


The CBLC will be delivered in two-hour session per week for nine weeks, and participants will have access to a manual and sound-files. There is also an invitation to meet for a 1-2-1 social distanced walk and chat or via Zoom.

There is also the option of a full day of practice,

and access to a monthly Compassionate Support Group

The full cost of the course is £160.00. To book a place on the course you only have to make payment. I’m happy for a payment of £80.00 to be paid to reserve a place, and then to pay the full amount before the course starts (£160.00)

There are two places for individuals experiencing unemployment at £80.00. In these cases I am happy to accept a payment of £40.00 to reserve a place, and then to pay the full amount before the course starts (£80.00)


You must have completed an introductory mindfulness course before seeking entry onto the CBLC. 

Please contact bill@bemindfulfife.co.uk for inquires, cost and to book a place.

Once payment is made for a course, this is non-refundable. Please contact for more information.

Health means different things to different people.

Take time to define what health means to you and what you are willing to do or willing to give up doing to bring better health into your life.

Investing in your health now can pay dividends for the rest of your life. What is one easy thing you can do today to live healthier? Lao Tzu (604 BC)