Day of Self-Care Practice: Saturday  2024 10.00 – 3.00 pm

Day of Self-Care Practice

Saturday  2024

10.00 am – 3.00 pm 

The Stables

Falkland Estate,

Fife, KY15 7AF


“Self-Care is how you take your power back”

(Lalah Delia)


This day of guided practice is an invitation to pause and reconnect to yourself. It will provide a space to step outside of the noise and drama of everyday living.

It will be an opportunity to remember why you are worthy of self-care and compassion practices.

It is an opportunity to spend time with ourselves in a nourishing way.

Much of the day will be spent in silence so we can deepen our experience of the practices, the spaces between them, and explore the impact of being in silence.

The intention for the day will be to cultivate the qualities of compassion as you experience yourself, others and nature in silence .

Below the type of self-compassion affirmations we use during the day.
I think it can be really challenging and rewarding to acknowledges such commitments to ourselves, not least because of the alternative.
For example try placing the word ‘not’ after the word ‘choose’ below.
I choose to be kind to myself
I choose to hear myself
I choose to understand myself
I choose to listen closely to myself
I choose to be gentle with myself
I choose to be patient with myself
I choose to be forgiving of myself
I choose to be less judgemental of myself
I choose to care for myself
I choice to befriend myself
I may choose and find it hard
But I will continue to choose all of these things

Participation will be limited to 12 places.


Saturday 2024

Cost for Day £40.00 (two concession places at £20.00 for those experiencing unemployment)



The workshop will be held in the workshop at The Stables, Centre for Stewardship, Falkland Estate, KY15 7AF.  To get there, drive into the centre of Falkland, through the Square with the Fountain, and down High Street, passing Fayre Earth and Vintage Quine shops on your left. Continue down High Street and then straight on into West Port where there is a sign to Falkland House School.  Continue to the end of West Port where you will see a sign to ‘The Hidden Place’.  This is the entrance to the Estate and there is a car park on the right as you enter the Estate – please park there.  Please enter through the archway to the right of the cafe, walk through the courtyard, then you should see a door to the Stables from where you can head down into the workshop at the back right of the building.